After Exam Reflection

My Blob Tree


a) If you could do anything differently next time what will it be?

I spent weeks practicing for the maths exam with the help of my tutor. However, I didn’t put in as much effort as I think I should have until it was about a week before the exam. If I had, I think I would have performed a lot better in the exam. This is something I would like to do differently next time. I would also practice techniques I had previously learnt and thought were easy next time for the exams. This was one of the mistakes I had made as I had forgotten how to do HCL.

b) If you could only remember two things from this exam process in the future what would they be?


c) What would you tell yourself next year when you do the actual IGCSE exam?

To practice weeks in advance before the exam comes. It helps you retain what you’ve learnt the past couple of years as well as builds up confidence and it can help reduce stress levels. I would also advise myself to do more past exams within the given time as it can help improve speed as well as helps us to be used to doing tests under pressure.

d) What was the most interesting aspect of the course so far?


e) What was the most important thing you learnt? Why?


f) How do you recognise when you have done well in this test?


g) What was the most challenging aspect and why? How can you use the skills you learnt in the future?

Some challenging techniques I learnt this year was the simple and compound interest. I found it hard and really confusing. But with time and lots of practice, I had found it a lot easier to do. This technique will help in the future when you want to invest money into a bank.

h) If maths were a sport in the Olympics what would it be?

My Personal Statement

Step 1: introduce yourself – What have you learned about yourself? What have you aspired to in the past? Why? Strengths? Interests? Where have you lived & how has it influenced you? What else has influenced you?


I feel I have grown a lot during this past year. Something I have learned about myself is that I’m not afraid to face my fears. One of my ambitions these past few years has been to read more books than I had during the previous year. This is because I absolutely love to read, and when I find a good book, I want to finish it as fast as I can. Before this year, I never really directed my ambitions towards achieving anything career wise. This was because I was to afraid to try and I had let my fear control me. It had prevented me from what I wanted to do most, which was acting and singing. It wasn’t until last year where I had really tried to face my fear by auditioning for a play.


Step 2: What are your aspirations – A conversation, an attitude, a characteristic, a book, an aspect of learning, a moment, a skill, a career, an understanding?


My ambition is to become an actress


My goal now is to read 27 books before the year (not school year) ends.


Step 3: Why? What has led to these aspirations?


I want to become an actress because I watch a lot of bloopers form my favourite tv shows and movies. They all have a lot of fun, mess around and have a couple laughs. I admit acting is stressful, but messing around on set and having a couple laughs seems like the best way to relieve the stress. Something else that has led to this aspiration is that I watch a lot of tv in general. Whatever I watch always gets me hooked. My favourite genres are action comedie. They do a lot of cool fighting techniques as well as stunts and it just makes me wish that one day I could do those things too. It just makes me want to be part of the action.


Step 4: What do you plan to do to achieve these aspirations? Be specific


  • Seeming as I watch a lot of tv: I could take notes on how they do certain things and see how I could apply it to my own performance
  • Audition for more plays and keep practicing
  • Keep playing the Guitar and performing to help get over my stage frights