Maths and Me: Student Homework

What might be some of the feelings that you associate with mathematics?
How do you feel about starting this course and why?

One feeling I associate with with mathematics is satisfaction. This is because I like knowing I got something right, especially if it is something I used to frequently struggle with in the past (like the venn-diagrams). It also means I now understand what I’m doing and can do it without any additional help. Another feeling I associate with math is puzzlement. There will definitely be some aspects of math we don’t understand and questions where we have to think about the type of equation to use.

I’m looking forward to starting this course as I want to be able to see how I can apply math to real life situations and perhaps link it to other subjects. As I am also taking Biology and ESS, taking this course will help me in those other subjects.

How do you like to learn mathematics?

I learn best if I see things visually. It helps give me a better understanding about what I should do in different situations (goes for all subjects). When learning, I also like to try and work things out for myself before I ask anyone for help. If I’m truly stuck, I will ask my peers or the teacher for help.

Which one of the following skills is your biggest strength in learning mathematics?
Which one might be the biggest area of focus for your mathematics in the first few weeks of Grade 11?

I am very persistent when it comes to learning math. As I mentioned earlier, I like to try and solve math problems on my own. I rarely ever give up trying to solve a math problem, unless I know for a fact that I am not getting anywhere on my own and still don’t understand despite getting parental help. Even then, I would wait to ask my teacher or my tutor next time I see them to help me with the question.

I would like to improve my critical thinking.

CAS Planning

What aspects of CAS are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the Creativity aspect of CAS. This is because I love to do things related to the arts, like music, pottery, drawing, painting, and the like. I have even been learning how to play the guitar, though I am thinking of learning how to play the acoustic instead of classical guitar this year. I find creating very enthralling as I don’t see it as work. It can help give my mind a break from all the school drama. I am also looking forward to the Activity aspect of CAS. I have been learning a type of martial arts called Kali since I was in grade 6. It is something I really enjoy and participate in every Saturday. I am going to try and attend twice a week this year. This is what I am going to do for my Activity.

How might you plan your year of CAS in order to maintain balance?

As I will have no time no time after school if I get into the HS Drama production, I will join a local or global service that runs during lunch. This way it doesn’t clash with my after school priorities, like my tutors (and hopefully the drama production). If if don’t get into the HS Drama production this year, I will be doing my creative part of CAS during term 3&4. I will have more time to join an after school creative activity then. As for the Activity part of CAS, I will continue to do the martial arts class I attend every Saturday.