Squats Getting Stronger – Using 2 Kettle Bells

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

LO7: Recognise and consider the ethical implications of choices and actions

During the summer break, between Grade 10 and Grade 11 before starting IB, I realised that I needed to improve both my fitness and my strength levels and decided to commit to making this happen. I had been attending a mixed martial arts program, Kali Majapahit (Kali), since Grade 6 and had worked my way up to achieving a Purple belt, level 2, by mid-2019. However, I felt that my flexibility, strength and balance was lacking, and I needed more personalised training. I went to Bfit Physio and Fitness, located in The Flow on East Coast road, right next to I12 Katong (about a half hour walk away from my home) for an assessment which led to me signing up for a program with a trainer named Kai. 

My goals: 

  • To stay fit
  • To improve balance and coordination
  • To improve strength and muscle tone
  • To improve overall fitness

These goals fit within the UN Sustainable Development Goal No 3, “Good health and wellbeing” on a personal level. This issue is of great importance to me and one that I wish to engage with long term. By looking after my own health and well being, I feel I will be in a better position to help others, such as my volunteer work with organisations like RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association).

By increasing my activity levels through engagement in the activities listed below, not only will my overall health improve but, I will have the added benefit of better quality of sleep (which is of huge importance when talking about health). 

  • BFit Personal training
  • Horse-riding
  • Swimming
  • Kali

Having a stronger, healthier body will also allow me to achieve more in my chosen activities.

My First RDA Experience

Today was my first time participating in my service RDA (Riding For the Disabled). Everyone started a week prior, however, I couldn’t participate as I was unwell. I am so glad I get to parttake in this activity as I get to work with horses and help the disabled children. It was really

  • learnt you had to be very aware of surroundings

Dec 6, 2019 at 07:17

Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth.