Project Week Reflection 2

The group I joined planned to travel to Jaipur to help teach at I-Indias school institution. It was a really disadvantaged community. I-India is a GC that works towards giving street kids a proper education. I joined a group of 4 who had already started planning for the trip to Jaipur. We were quite a well-organised group that worked well and communicated effectively with each other. The workload was divided equally amongst members and we were able to meet deadlines and submit all necessary documents on time. However, as I joined this pre-existing group late, I did initially face some challenges and found it awkward to find my place as a useful member. I felt lost as I didn’t know what stage they were at or what still needed to be completed. I lacked confidence in my ability to add value to the team. 

Owing to my reluctance to use social media, communication was also a bit of an issue for me in the beginning. The group used Instagram as the main platform to share information and until I brought myself up to speed on how to use it properly, I was missing out on a lot of important information. Understandably, this was a source of frustration for the group as they assumed I was getting messages. Equally, it was frustrating to me because I wasn’t aware that this was how communication was being distributed. I was more comfortable with WhatsApp and thought this was how the group would communicate. As they were able to find my Instagram account (that I never use!) and add me, they assumed I was checking it regularly and read the posts. From this experience, I have learnt that I need to be a better communicator and become more familiar with social media applications. 

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