LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

At the start of Grade 12, I was part of the student directed performance Antigone. Despite having some experience in High School productions, being a part of Antigone was still a completely new experience for me, being that it was student-led as opposed to teacher-led. The COVID pandemic had a great impact on school life in general, but particularly on theatre performances. This year, the usually large High School production had to be divided into smaller productions, with smaller casts to comply with the COVID regulation protocols  There were four shows in total. I was really excited to have auditioned and been given a speaking role in the play, Antigone. Student-led productions are a lot more hands-on for the whole cast compared to the productions put on by the teachers, like In The Heart Of Robin Hood. We were often asked by the Director, as cast members, to devise our own scenes, enabling us to create intricate motifs and movements. Afterwards, we would all come together and try to create a nice, cohesive moment. We were all required to collaborate well, being respectful of all contributions from the cast and collectively decided on the direction of the play. It was important to recognise that each member brought something new to the group. Bouncing ideas off each other was an effective way to problem solve any issues we had, trying to create a specific intention.

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