The Importance Of Being Earnest Identity and Representation Reflection

Given that we’re focusing on the ideas of identity and representation, how are the Victorian characters’ identities represented in the opening of the play?

Algernon isn’t a romantic. In fact he believes there needs to be a 3rd person in a marriage relationship to distract the couple from married life. He has a hard and fast rule for marriage age. He is shallow when talking about people aren’t serious about meals (or may be shallow in general).

In the play, Lady Bracknell is represented as a very sassy woman. She has no sympathy, and is very controlling. This is seen when she says “i think it’s high time Mr Bunbury make up his mind whether he was going to live or to die,” to Algernon (p:304).

Like Algernon, Gwendolyn also shown to be shallow as she Earnests name and not the type of person he is. She wouldn’t like him if he was called Jack, which is Earnests real name.

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