T.O.K Homework on Mathematics

The mathematical method is the way that we use the theory of mathematics in order to help us get a better understanding of certain things that need numbers in order to become more comprehensible.  For example in school we use the mathematics of time in order to make sure we are not late for our classes or activities.  We also use room numbers in order to help clarify the location of certain classes so they are easier to find.  The mathematical method is very similar to the scientific method as they are both used for coming to conclusions about uncertainty that we have, and they can also help us to create specific methods to help us solve problems that don’t make sense to us.  The differences is that scientific method is practical and helps us to solve real life problems using trial and error where as the mathematical method is theoretical and is used for helping us to make more sense in theory about certain things that otherwise don’t make sense.  The strengths to the mathematical method is that it helps us to solve problems not only on paper, but in real life as well such as measuring furniture before buying it to your house so that you know it fits using the mathematical method.  The disadvantage to this method is that it is very theoretical as lots of mathematics does not apply to real life, but applies to the writing on a paper and the theory that is involved in solving mathematical problems and equations.

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2 thoughts on “T.O.K Homework on Mathematics

  1. This is very good Bobby, I enjoyed how you compared and contrasted the scientific method with the mathematic method. To improve, you should aim to provide possible a few more examples of both and how they differ.

  2. One thing I liked about your post on the mathematical method is how you provided real life examples when comparing the scientific method and the mathematics method. However to improve, I think you should explain more in depth of the mathematics method.

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