CAS Reflection 4: Basketball Regular Season

As now it is season 2 for activities at our school preseason basketball has ended and the regular season has begun.  So far our team has had multiple practices but no games yet which is better for us as we are able to get our team chemistry up and work on our communication amongst our team.  One challenge I have already experienced in basketball this year was the resilience aspect to it as it is a long season and practices can be long and tiring and we might not win our games so it is very important to be determined to getting better at the sport and doing our best as a team.  One skill I have developed so far this year is leadership as I am one of the more experienced players on my team so I need to use that experience and knowledge to help lead some of the younger players on the team.  It is going to be a long and challenging season for sure but I am very ready for the difficulty it will bring.

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