My Grade 12 Plan to Success

Throughout the grade 11 year I have experienced many new challenges that I have had to overcome.  To start with there was an added level of responsibility which comes with taking the IB.  We are given lots of freedom and there is responsibility to not misuse it as you need to work effectively.  There has also been lots of work that we are required to do, inside of school and outside of school which means you get limited sleep, which is another one of the challenges I faced.  I also had the added on challenge of physiotherapy which was required for my knee after my surgery, due to my sports injuries which I faced midway through the year.  For next year there will also be challenges such as more work, getting back to playing sports, and university applications which will be done during the first half of next year.  In order to triumph over these challenges I will need to time manage in an effective and responsible way.  That was the key to success for this year and it will be the same for next year, as if I can manage my time effectively then I should be able to complete all of the tasks that I am assigned, and overcome these challenges that I think will occur throughout next year.

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