EE Reflection 2

In my EE I discussed how the video game industry has had multiple impacts in America.  The essay has had a limited amount of sources, so I was unable to convincingly show how the video game industry had impacted the US economy.  I have used the guidelines on how to write the essay properly. If I could redo this process, I would have made sure to write my EE at the start of the summer so I could redraft it multiple times.  My points of contact during this process have been my supervisor, peers, the head of the EE, and the librarians who helped with my referencing. Since my EE relates to macroeconomics, it will help my understanding of the economics syllabus.  This process helped develop my self management and collaboration skills which will help me at university in the future. I have also learned to write in a more academic way, as I wrote my essay in report format.

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