The Help Book Cover

The seemingly unrelated book cover for the Help could represent how people were wary of using a black woman on a cover. This is ironic as a large message visited throughout the book is the idea of black representation and by not using a picture of black people they are contradicting their own message. The cover is fairly plain but the 3 birds on the cover could represent different characters in the book. For example, the two birds on the left could be representative of Minny and Aibileen and the bird on the right could show Skeeter. This would work as the two birds on the left are closer, like in the book, and Skeeter is on the outside. The bird on the right has its head faced down, representing shame or lack of pride, this can reflect how Skeeter is ashamed of how white people treat black people. Additionally, the shading around the two birds on the left and the light around the bird on the right could reflect how society saw black people as less meaningful

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