DJ Club Reflection 1

DJ Club is an activity where we learn how to mix different tracks and create engaging ones to interest an audience. I was interested in doing the activity as I really enjoy listening to music and was fascinated by the creative process behind mixing different songs. It is a small group so each class we get to practice our skills in the activity. I aim to meet LO2 as I am developing new skills because I have never attempted to DJ before. I believe that this will be challenging as we only have a short amount of time to learn how to DJ and the sessions are fairly infrequent, once a week. Additionally, I will also be meeting LO4 as I know that it will be difficult to learn such a new skill but I will practice and persevere. I would like to be able to smoothly mix two songs by the end of the activity which will count as my performance for CAS. I will regularly ask the teacher in charge for feedback and help in order to ensure my progress is on track.

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