Football Reflection 1

This year I will be doing football and attempting to build on my skills from the previous years on the team. For the first time, I will be captaining the team which is a very new skill. As such, I will be tackling LO1, to reflect and identify my own strengths which will enable me to be a good leader. Additionally, I will discuss with the team and the coach to identify areas for growth and improvement as captain which will permit me to be the best role model I can. Now given more responsibility, I think it is very important that I reflect on my performances during training and games so I understand where I can improve my game. I can also discuss with coaches anything they feel that I can improve on or any areas that we must focus on as a team, in addition to identifying our strengths in the sport.

In doing so, I will also to addressing LO2 as it is very important that I develop skills and identify challenges that we have undergone as a team in order to develop fully. With a new position on the team, it will definitely be a challenge initially, learning how to adapt and take on this role. It will enable me to develop my leadership skills as well as my communication and teamwork which come naturally with the sport. It will increase my expertise in being a team player as well as adapting to the new and welcomed challenge of being a leader.

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