DJ Club Reflection 2

One of the main challenges I have faced is being able to put together all the new skills in one track. Given all of the techniques that we are learning are new to be, the first couple of sessions were very difficult when trying to actually mix songs together. In order to overcome this, I practised a lot with the basic skills to build up my foundation so that I would feel more comfortable adding in more complex songs. One of the ways I did this was under the guidance of the overseeing teacher who clearly explained the basic skills and gave us each time in the sessions to practice and ask questions. I also took initiative to listen to other DJ mixes in my spare time to get a better feel for the genre of music and spent some extra lunch times practising with the set. I have been very committed to learning this new skill as it is very different to what I usually do and although it has been difficult I am determined to persevere to produce a mix at the end of the 2 seasons. (LO4)

Although the main new skill I am developing is the ability to DJ, I have definitely noticed other skills that I have obtained from this experience. For one, I have become much more determined and driven in my learning. Sometimes, when the results are not immediate, it is difficult to stay focused to achieve the long term goal however, I believe this experience has shown me the importance and relevance of seeing things through and persevering even when difficult. (LO2)

DJ Club Reflection 1

DJ Club is an activity where we learn how to mix different tracks and create engaging ones to interest an audience. I was interested in doing the activity as I really enjoy listening to music and was fascinated by the creative process behind mixing different songs. It is a small group so each class we get to practice our skills in the activity. I aim to meet LO2 as I am developing new skills because I have never attempted to DJ before. I believe that this will be challenging as we only have a short amount of time to learn how to DJ and the sessions are fairly infrequent, once a week. Additionally, I will also be meeting LO4 as I know that it will be difficult to learn such a new skill but I will practice and persevere. I would like to be able to smoothly mix two songs by the end of the activity which will count as my performance for CAS. I will regularly ask the teacher in charge for feedback and help in order to ensure my progress is on track.

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