The Characteristicss of EI

Strengths: One of my strengths is being curious about people. I have lived in many different countries and am always curious to understand other backgrounds and points of view and how they differ from mine.

Weaknesses: One of my weaknesses from the different characteristics is seeking perfection. I often find that I seek perfection in my everyday tasks and struggle to appreciate something if it was not done to my idea of ‘perfection’. It is relative to my approach to tasks and not to do with external pressures so it is something that I will try to work on.


The waterline of visibility has allowed me to reflect on the different aspects of my identity. I have come to understand that more of the iceberg to represent my personality is exposed when I am among family and close friends whereas, I tend to be rather reserved when speaking to new people. If I can find something in common with someone new I manage to become more open, but part of my identity is not being immediately talkative. I have also noticed that I do not associate my race or gender as something that allows me to be more open with someone, but it is rather their overall personality that allows me to connect with someone. Additionally, it allowed me to reflect on the prejudice that I may have when meeting someone new to try and prevent it from clouding my judgement of someone.

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