• Atlantis

    My first question before reading this ‘poem’ so to speak, was how a collection of six lengthy poems could make a whole, unified body of work. While there were observable unifying factors, i.e his use of liminal space and couplets/tercets, the development of his emotions and view of the same situation through the six poems […]

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  • Sun on Gasoline

    A Display of Mackerel  BY MARK DOTY They lie in parallel rows,on ice, head to tail,each a foot of luminosity barred with black bands,which divide the scales’radiant sections like seams of leadin a Tiffany window.Iridescent, watery prismatics: think abalone,the wildly rainbowedmirror of a soapbubble sphere, think sun on gasoline.Splendor, and splendor,and not a one in any […]

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  • Act 4 – The War

    ACT 4 This act seems to be more dramatic in nature as compared to the earlier acts, resembling more of a tragedy than a comedy. You can see the idea of French pride, culture coming out in the food and the song, you can see the unifying nature of it, probably to rile up the […]

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    ACT III Ragueneau wife runs away with musketeer Cyrano talks to Roxanne, fishes for compliments, she falls for it, ego boosted De Guiche heavily tricked by Roxanne, playing a back stabbing game. Tender Passion – Place of poetry i guess Christian refuses Cyrano’s help Roxanne demanding, Cyrano speaks in Christians place, Christian and Roxanne kiss, […]

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  • Book 23-24

    Book 24 Summary: Hermes guides suitors to fields of asphodel Achilles and Agamemnon simp for each other Meets Laertes, tortures father Ithacan’s plot against him (suitors Fathers) Gods interfere Notes: Finally, Penelope gets some recognition by Agamemnon, even though it was completely fueled by the fact her actions were opposite to his own wife. Odysseus’s […]

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  • Book 17-18

    One of the main ideas that I feel was repeatedly introduced in these two books was the idea of hospitality, and how it is important to treat people with respect regardless of their material wealth and appearance, as you never know their true nature. It reminds me of the age old saying, ‘never judge a […]

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