Zen Zen Zo reflection 2 (Suzuki and Butoh Work)

In this session we developed the skills learnt from the last lesson, and worked on some Butoh work as well.

Firstly, we developed a new resting position, which was going from the wide neutral stance to the ground, with hands over the knees, and upper body relaxed, i.e head hanging, similar to the picture here. We kept our feet planted, and while rising, we maintained the position of our shoulders in line with our hips and rose till we were on our tiptoes. We then experimented with rising to different levels, and presenting our arms out in different positions.

I learnt a lot from this exercises, specifically how to change levels with high pace while maintaining focus and energy.

The next exercise was on the ground, where we curled up into a tight ball before releasing into an expanded statue, where our legs and hands are in the air. It was more of a physical training exercise, but it has many applications, as it allows for massive energy in stillness. This activity is for training the core, and is massively helpful for thinking about maintaining physical energy.

We then did a marching exercise where we marched through the gaps between a line.

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