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  • Sun on Gasoline

    A Display of Mackerel  BY MARK DOTY They lie in parallel rows,on ice, head to tail,each a foot of luminosity barred with black bands,which divide the scales’radiant sections like seams of leadin a Tiffany window.Iridescent, watery prismatics: think abalone,the wildly rainbowedmirror of a soapbubble sphere, think sun on gasoline.Splendor, and splendor,and not a one in any […]

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  • On first looking into CAT 3

    This is my renewed rewritten and reviewed rendition of CAT 3, ‘On first looking into Chapman’s Homer” On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer BY JOHN KEATS Much have I travell’d in the realms of gold,And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;Round many western islands have I beenWhich bards in fealty to Apollo hold.Oft of one wide […]

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  • Reflection (AUGUST/2020)

    As I am soon entering the IB system, I have decided to take upon reflecting on the various events and learnings I’ve had each month. These reflections serve as opportunities for introspection, and analysis of my own actions, so that I can improve upon aspects of myself, and follow certain guidelines to improve my abilities […]

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  • Gym Initial Reflection (CAS)

    LO1, LO3   What previous experience have I had with an activity like this? I have been going to the gym on and off since the summer of 2019 and started gymming routinely with at-home workouts during circuit breaker. During that time period, I did a lot of research and learnt as much as I […]

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