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  • Sun on Gasoline

    A Display of Mackerel  BY MARK DOTY They lie in parallel rows,on ice, head to tail,each a foot of luminosity barred with black bands,which divide the scales’radiant sections like seams of leadin a Tiffany window.Iridescent, watery prismatics: think abalone,the wildly rainbowedmirror of a soapbubble sphere, think sun on gasoline.Splendor, and splendor,and not a one in any […]

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  • Reflection (AUGUST/2020)

    As I am soon entering the IB system, I have decided to take upon reflecting on the various events and learnings I’ve had each month. These reflections serve as opportunities for introspection, and analysis of my own actions, so that I can improve upon aspects of myself, and follow certain guidelines to improve my abilities […]

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  • Political Cartoon Analysis

    Political Cartoon Analysis   In this cartoon, there are two figures interacting with each other. The first, which is cartels, are represented in the form of a scorpion, a deadly, poisonous animal, clutching wads of money in one claw and illicit drug supply in the other. The second figure, which is the illicit drug demand, […]

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  • Personal Statement

    As an individual, my driving force, my goal is improving every aspect of my life, and to be the best I possibly can. I’ve also been known to be caring, kind, and understanding. I’m very artistic in nature, therefore I love drawing, and listening to music. I also love to play sports, and while I […]

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  • Blood Gold for friends : Why Nicolás Maduro is scraping away at the countries resources in a desperate attempt to stay in power.

      THE HISTORY   The country of Venezuela has  for one of the 21st centuries biggest economic crises. Venezuela has faced one of the worlds most severe hyperinflation crisis, with prices estimated to be rising at a rate of 3 per cent every day (totalling to an annual inflation rate of more than 40,000 per […]

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