IFP – Emotionally Intelligent Signage

IFP – Emotionally Intelligent Signage

In IFP on the 3rd of October, we discussed the types of conflict that occur in our school community on a daily basis and where they occur at our school. After coming up with a bunch of different types of conflict that would take place in these certain areas, we discussed ways to effectively create signage using emotions in order to be more effective.



My group created two emotionally intelligent signages. The first one related to verbal conflicts in the main areas such as plaza, and the fact that people everywhere watch and will spread the news of it. The second one relates to the verbal ongoing conflict between the East and Dover soccer teams as they have an ongoing conflict both on the field and on social media. The cause of this was the 8-2 SEASAC win of last year.

I believe that I really learnt the effectiveness of how hitting emotions and mindsets makes things way more successful as it is less straight up. This is the first time I realised how really important it is to dig deep when trying to be an effective peacemaker instead of straight up telling people to not do this and not do that. This is how we can understand how language and emotions play a huge part in people’s choices and actions.

CAS Learning Outcome: 7- Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

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