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My Case Study:

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

What is the most significant factor causing the migration? 

  • The current civil war which begun on the 15th of March 2011 is the most significant reason why people are fleeing, the civil war has also lead to almost all the other factors that caused people to move such as unemployment, soil degradation etc.
  • The political unrest between Bashar Al Assad, ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.
  • This has caused millions (11 million displaced within the country and have fled to neighboring countries + Europe) . The largest migrations since WWII and Syria is now the world’s leading producer of refugees overtaking Afghanistan.

What do you predict for the future of the place and people involved?

  • The war doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon so I do not see much hope for them in the future if the conflict persists.
  • I believe that the amount of refugees and people fleeing will continue to increase as it is becoming less and less safe to reside in Syria.
  • The situation within Syria will get worse as so much damage is being made without any government efforts to rehabilitate, rebuild and further develop the nation as a whole. The constant war is causing more and more destruction daily.

What solutions can you suggest to resolve some of the consequences?

  • Countries, both surrounding Syria as well as European countries should openly allow refugees asylum in their countries and provide them with basic necessities. Governments should also help them get jobs and help them integrate in the local communities instead of secluding them in isolated, poorly resourced refugee camps.


My thoughts and feelings on the issue:

  • I believe that as citizens of the world it is our duty to help out the refugees emigrating as their state is dire and it is essential that the world comes together to help the people out. The sad makes me extremly sad but it also makes me upset because the world is not doing enough, we ignore it in our day to day life and fail to even think about their situation. Although Singapore too far away from the crisis for it to be pertinent, Singapore can help in other ways such as providing aid or donating to LEDCs that are taking in large numbers of refugees such as Jordan.

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