Culturama – Dress Rehersal

  •  How did I show perseverance/resilience/commitment in this activity? What things affected my commitment levels, ability to persevere or my resolve?

    From the first light plot over the weekend, I was having a bit of a cold which has lead me to not be at my full energy throughout all the rehearsals yet I have managed to persevere through it. I have tried my best and attended all the full rehearsals even though they have continued till 9pm every day this week! A lot of my school work is not getting done and I am having to stay up very late in order to complete it but as I have already committed to Culturama, it is essential that I attend every rehearsal in order to make it the best possible show.

  •  How did I maintain my motivation for this activity?

    I managed to maintain motivation through the idea of a rewarding and beautiful show on Friday. Most of my friend, that are not in Culturama, are coming to watch and my parents are also coming to watch, I do not wish to disappoint them as they have come to watch me dance. I want to impress them especially as I have never been in Culturama or any dance showcase in recent years, this will be their first impression of my dancing.

  •  How did I help others or how did others help me to stay committed to this activity?

    I helped keep others stay committed by trying to compliment everyone when they do a step well or when they adapt quickly to changes in order to keep them motivated. I also cheered for all my friends in other dances to keep them motivated and proud of their hard work. As many of my friends also cheered for me, I have felt more motivated to continue to stay committed throughout.

  •  What impact did my commitment or lack thereof have on the success of the activity?

    I believe that I know all the steps properly and I feel confident in my dance due to my commitment. As I attended all the rehearsals I am able to be this confident in our dance and I’m therefore working on perfecting my dance instead of trying to learn it which other people in the dance are doing currently. I am able to help out those who need help with dance steps due to my commitment which makes me very happy as well as proud of my commitment to the dance. 

Above are some photos from our dress rehearsal. I am the second person on the left from the center.


Learning Objective 4-  COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities)

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