IFP – Youtube Playlist

Here is a playlist of some videos that are a must watch for IFP.

I believe that all of these videos have made me understand IFP and the topics we discuss in IFP better. It has also helped me relate my IFP learning to what is going on in the real world. It also helps me understand the implications of my actions in the world world through ‘Amanda Todd’s story’, the ‘Syrian Refugee crisis’ helps me gain context on how complicated conflicts are and how it is way more tedious that what we can see on the surface, the ‘how a hashtag defined a movement’ helps me understand how important people’s voices are when trying to build peace, ‘The price of conflict’ makes you think about conflict in a new light and begin to understand the complexity, ‘Malala’s speech’ inspires me to stand up for what I believe in and that any cause is worth fighting for, ‘Water walks’ helps me understand how severe problems are in other places which makes me realise how privileged I really am and finally, ‘Harassment is breaking Twitter’s free speech’ helps raise awareness of the impact of our social media presence and how everything is not interpreted the same by everyone.

I think that all of these are must watches to further enhance your IFP learning in many different contexts and scenarios.



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