Kahaani – First Rehearsal

Below is a video of 1/2 of my Kahaani dance. It is from the first rehearsal so all of us had learnt the choreo just minutes before this was filmed.

I’m really excited for Kahaani as it is my first time participating as a dancer in the event, not just an emcee, which is what I have been for the past 2 years. I am really happy with the music as the dance is to a few of my favorite Hindi songs and the steps flow really well with the music so I am extremely hyped!

 What previous experience have I had with an activity like this?
I recently participated in Culturama and it was really helped boost my confidence in my dance skills. I believe that is the only activity I had that has prepared me for this show. Despite participating every year in Kahaani, I have always been an emcee and a GC member. This year, as there is no emcee in the show, I have the chance to be able to participate as a dancer.

  •  What am I good at? What are my strengths?
    I think I’m really quick with learning dance moves so that should be to my advantage. I also think that I ask questions when I have doubts. I sort out my issues before it is too late which is also something that will help me out throughout the rehersal process, especially as there are only 6 sessions in total before the show!
  •  What would I like to improve?
    I would like to improve in my overall grace when I dance. I want to ensure that my movements flow with more ease. This can only be improved through more practise.
  •  How has my involvement in this activity made me aware of my strengths and areas for growth?
    After the first rehearsal, I had identified which steps I would need to work on mastering at home and which parts of the dance were the most challenging for me. This helps me take initiative to perfect this in my own time and become more aware of my own areas of growth. 
  •  Have I improved and in what areas? How do I know?
    It is too early to say that but I do believe I can use the skills I gained as well as enhanced in Culturama can follow through here. 
  •  Why have I struggled in some areas?
    As someone who has started dancing recently, I am still not 100% comfortable with my dancing abilities and I am not very confident when dancing, this is probably why I am experiencing more struggles than others who have danced for much longer than I have. 

Learning Objective 1 – AWARENESS (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

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