Kahaani – Half Way Through Rehersals

Above is a video of our 3rd rehearsal, we only have 6 in total, so it’s been a real struggle to get the choreography down as quick as possible. I am in the right corner, I am cut out of the video for part of it and my partner is completely cut out of the video but the video still provides a general overview of how we are doing as a group on the partner choreography parts.

I was changed partners so this video is the first time I danced with my new partner. This has been a challenge as I was dancing to the girl’s part of the choreography in my previous partnership but in this part I am now doing the boy’s part. This was my first time doing the boy’s choreography. That is why I made some mistakes and was a little bit off on timings.

  •  Who did I collaborate with?
    For the dance, I am both collaborating with the entire dance group as well as my partner. I collaborate very closely with my dance partner, who has changed for this rehearsal. Previously I was with Bella and now I am with Dhruvi. 
  •  What made it easy or difficult to work together with this person/people?
    It was easy to work with both of them as I am already friends with both of them so there was no awkwardness throughout and we were very able to easily catch up with the others in the dance.
  •  What challenges did we face when working together? How did we overcome them? Why couldn’t we overcome some challenges?
    The fact that I had to change my role in the dance, from the girl to the boy part, was the only difficulty as I ended up doing the same steps as my partner at some times and my partner was unable to help me out as she only knew the girl part of the dance. This was the biggest and only challenge that we faced together. We are overcoming them by discussing steps outside of the rehearsal scenario, this is very easy for us as we are friends outside of the dance, we communicate very often. We’re overcoming them by not only discussing it together, we are also asking the dance leaders for a little bit more attention and assistance for the next rehearsal to ensure that we are up to speed. 
  •  How important was collaboration to achieving the outcome or my goal?
    It is essential that we maintained communication and we were on the same page to make sure that although we’re at a slight disadvantage, we can still be successful in the dance. I believe that we work really well together and that’s why we’re able to find solutions to our challenges as soon as possible. 
  •  What could I do in future to be a more effective team player?
    In the future, I would like to take my own initiative to work on my steps as I seem to be dragging my partner into my extra efforts to catch up even though she doesn’t need any help; she is very confident in her dance steps and she is a dancer.

Learning Objective 5- COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome)

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