Initial Reflection

I knew from the moment I had to come up with topics for Extended Essays that I would do something along the lines of cancer in India after doing an internship at a cancer research hospital in the summer. Before the first meeting, I had a few problems with refining my question and getting a real focused research question that would meet the criteria for both Geography and Biology. During the first meeting, this was the main topic of discussion. We worked towards tackling this and now I’m overall satisfied with my research question. I went off to write an outline and this gave me a better sense of direction. After the second meeting, we have set some goals. I am to begin secondary research with effective notetaking and I plan to meet with the librarian to discuss research papers on topics similar to mine. I will also contact the hospital to figure out what all can be done before I actually go there myself in the summer.

(Word Count: 168 words)

EE Second Meeting Notes + Goals

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One thought on “Initial Reflection

  • March 28, 2018 at 3:17 am

    Hi Siona,
    Thanks for posting your first reflection.
    I truly admire anyone who works with cancer research. This horrible disease has taken the lives of too many of my friends and family, so any research that can be done is research well done as far as I’m concerned. I’m happy to see that you are engaged with your topic.
    In future, please place your reflection under the EE category you’ve created, and include a word count at the end of your paragraph.
    Do let me or your supervisor know if you have any questions, and good luck with your research!

    Queen EE


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