Final Reflection: Viva Voce

Upon submitting my final EE draft, I feel a huge weight has been removed off my shoulders. I believe I succeeded in my EE because I feel like I learnt about myself, my research skills and have managed to increase my awareness of the world around me. I am grateful for the opportunity to have conducted a study so prominent in today’s world at the tender age of 17. If I had another EE to do, I would chose the same topic as I believe there are many unanswered aspects that still persist. Despite the challenges such as patient confidentiality issues, statistical analysis errors and lack of data, I believe I was able to analyse my research question sufficiently. To anyone doing a similar EE: Try to get data from everywhere you can, even one extra sample can help immensely!


Word Count: 137

Interim Reflection

Upon completing all my research, I feel throughly relieved. I have realised I have changed my research style. I have begun to value deeper research rather than wider research making me use my sources to the max. Although there are many changes that need to be made, I’ve got majority of the hard work complete. The only new thing I am set to add is an ‘evaluation’ of the methods used in my study which I had previously not included in my essay. I was well over the world limit so one of the challenges I can see in the forceable future is cutting down to make sure I meet the word count limits. We have realised that I need to work on connecting every part of my essay back to my research question in order to meet the criteria and ensure everything I mention in the essay is pertinent. I need to ensure my geography aspects are just as strong as my biology parts as well. One thing I have done very well is my data presentation through various types of graphs, charts and tables that are easy for a reader to follow with.

Word Count: 169

EE RC2 Notes



EE Day Exit Ticket

EE Day was today, the third of May. Today I did a bunch of different things.
I started off the day with the other World Studies students listening to a talk on the marking criteria for WS EEs. I then met with my EE supervisor in block one to go over what I should do. I then went over what I should do and begun to come up with questions for my questionarre. After that I started reading my main secondary source, taking notes and summarising it. As it is quite lengthy I didn’t get to finishing and that is what I will do next. I also begun drafting my introduction.

  • one thing I’ve learned:
    I learnt about the different marking criteria for a WS essay and I got to know more about how to structure a WS essay. I was really unsure of what all I needed to succeed in a WS essay. This is a lot clearer for me now. 
  • what I’m proud of:
    I am proud of my progress today. I have begun writing my introduction and I have a clear plan of what I need to now. I feel a lot more confident in what I am doing. 
  • what I’ll be doing next:
    I aim to finish reading my primary source of secondary information and finishing my summary notes. I will then share this with my supervisor. I will also finish my introduction. For my 1000 words, I will include my questionarre, introduction and an explanation of the Biology techniques I will use to collect data for my EE.

Initial Reflection

I knew from the moment I had to come up with topics for Extended Essays that I would do something along the lines of cancer in India after doing an internship at a cancer research hospital in the summer. Before the first meeting, I had a few problems with refining my question and getting a real focused research question that would meet the criteria for both Geography and Biology. During the first meeting, this was the main topic of discussion. We worked towards tackling this and now I’m overall satisfied with my research question. I went off to write an outline and this gave me a better sense of direction. After the second meeting, we have set some goals. I am to begin secondary research with effective notetaking and I plan to meet with the librarian to discuss research papers on topics similar to mine. I will also contact the hospital to figure out what all can be done before I actually go there myself in the summer.

(Word Count: 168 words)

EE Second Meeting Notes + Goals

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