My CAS Choices – Reflection

My CAS that will be completed over the next 18 months will be my chance to try out a bunch of new activities, take up roles that I have not previously taken up and continue on projects/activities that I have enjoyed in the past.

Creativity: For creativity, I am the Head of Photography for the school yearbook team. I will be working in a leadership position to ensure that all the photos of every school event, every single portrait of the students etc. is present in the yearbook. This is my first year being the head of photography so this is a new challenge for me and I am highly looking forward to this. I plan to physically take a lot of the photos by attending different school events and outsourcing events I cannot attend to my teammates.

Here is a photo of the drive in which I will be uploading photos from the year into their respective areas. This is one of my many roles as Head of Photography.

Activity: For activity, I am apart of Culturama (a dance showcase) and will be attending weekly dance rehearsals as a part of my activity. I will also try to be apart of pre-season soccer and Kahaani (an Indian dance showcase lead by my global concern, Kolkata GC) for other parts of my activity.

Service: I will be working with the local service Sundac throughout the year. With once a week sessions of 2.5 hours, I will have a lot of hands on interaction with the partners. This service takes place both in one of my free periods and extends into my lunch time. This service is a new service for me as it is only offered to IB students with that specific free period. I chose this service because it works with the mentally disabled and connects to my passion of helping people different from myself. I am continuing my role as communications officer in my global concern, Kolkata GC which I have been apart of since the start of high school, 9th grade, and plan to actively partake in the global concern once again in order to help the visually impaired. I believe that my global concern and local service are very similar in the fact that they help people with disabilities and that is one of the reasons I feel so passionately about making a change in both communities.


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Projects: I will be partaking in a variety of different activities throughout the year. I will be going on Project week but at this point I am not aware of where, what and even who I will be going with. I will be working with the IFP team (Initiative for Peace) leading up to several different conferences. This will be throughout the entirety of this academic year. This is a brand new experience for me as it is an activity offered only to 11th graders. I’m looking forward to working towards reaching peace in our small communities and spreading it out to places where peace is more of an issue through a conference. I will also be working towards attending a few MUN conferences throughout the course of the year and I will be preparing for these conferences for about 6 months of the school year.

IFP – Emotionally Intelligent Signage

IFP – Emotionally Intelligent Signage

In IFP on the 3rd of October, we discussed the types of conflict that occur in our school community on a daily basis and where they occur at our school. After coming up with a bunch of different types of conflict that would take place in these certain areas, we discussed ways to effectively create signage using emotions in order to be more effective.



My group created two emotionally intelligent signages. The first one related to verbal conflicts in the main areas such as plaza, and the fact that people everywhere watch and will spread the news of it. The second one relates to the verbal ongoing conflict between the East and Dover soccer teams as they have an ongoing conflict both on the field and on social media. The cause of this was the 8-2 SEASAC win of last year.

I believe that I really learnt the effectiveness of how hitting emotions and mindsets makes things way more successful as it is less straight up. This is the first time I realised how really important it is to dig deep when trying to be an effective peacemaker instead of straight up telling people to not do this and not do that. This is how we can understand how language and emotions play a huge part in people’s choices and actions.

CAS Learning Outcome: 7- Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

IFP – Peace One Day

Sunday 10 September – Peace One Day 

What were the facts from Sunday? What did you do?

On the 10th of September 2017, the entire IFP team from East as well as the entire IFP team from Dover. This was the first interaction between the two teams and that helped us get to know each other better before we work together towards building sustainable piece this year. Last year’s team from both Dover and East had worked all year to facilitate this conference for us named Peace One Day. Throughout the day, we were separated into groups of around 15 to participate in 4 sessions throughout the day. The 4 respective sessions were Violence, Media, Discrimination and Identity. Each session was run by students from last year’s IFP team. Each session had a few energisers along with some icebreakers before entering a session full of activities and information on issues faced that are barriers to peace. We got to enjoy some pizza in the break and we got to meet a lot more people who we have started to build relationships with. We also got the chance to enjoy a peace performance and appreciate the talents within our IFP community.

How did you feel about what happened?

I believe that I gained a much deeper knowledge on different issues that we face that effect peace such as violence in our day to day lives. I think that after the peace one day conference I believe that I have a much better understanding about what little things I can do on a daily basis to help create peace in my communities. We participated in a variety of thought proven activities and we learnt some shocking things. The sessions and the activities have helped me be more open-minded and to look deeper at an issue than just what is at the surface.  I feel like I have a deeper and greater understanding of how complicated peace is and how hard it is to reach sustainable peace.

How will your learning from the weekend shape what you do next in IFP…and beyond?

I’m very glad I got to be a part of the peace one day conference as I believe that it really helped me understand what it’s like to be in IFP and why it’s so essential for me to be involved! It has helped me understand the complexity of issues and I believe that I will use what I learnt at peace one day in every IFP session from now on. I also think that I’ll be able to understand complex issues more thoroughly than I have ever before because I learnt about looking beyond just the surface of an issue. I also believe that after the peace conference, I will be more conscious of my actions and I will try my best to be a peacekeeper in my day to day life. Peace One Day helped me understand that some things we may not realise affect peace. An example of this may be if someone says you’re “good at ___..for a girl” or “boys don’t cry” may not be a compliment at all and may be a terrible thing to say. I had never taught about it in that way and overall I think that I will chose my words more carefully. I am more aware of certain stereotypes and assumptions I have made in my life that might have affected someone negatively and I believe that my knowledge from IFP will now help me prevent such assumptions to be made/said again.








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