This year is my fourth year of high school and my fourth Kahaani. This was the first major dance production I had been apart of and I joined it because I loved the unique stories the show had portrayed through dance and raising awareness of a worthy cause.

As someone who was too afraid to dance in grade 9, I decided to start off as an emcee
From grade 9, I wanted to continue and be apart of this event every year. This has shown my consistent commitment to this cause and this show. I’ve stayed involved in it every year, no matter what.

As the entire dance is a partner dance, something I only did for half the dance last year, it’s been difficult. Working in collaboration with a partner for the entire dance is hard especially when you both know different sections of the dance and forget others. It’s important that we keep communicating when things are difficult. That is why, we have arranged timings to practise on our own.

Below is a short preview of one of the four mini dances within our large dance. We have managed to finish learning the entire dance in the first three sessions. I am looking forward to it all coming together for the final show.



Learning Objective- 4 COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities)

Learning Objective- 5 COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome)



Yearbook – Class of ’18 Photo



Monday, 29th January. The yearbook photography team gathered at 7:30am to set up the class of 2018’s graduation photo.

  •  Who did I collaborate with?
    I collaborated with my yearbook photography team, some teachers and the school’s main photographer, Sabrina. 
  •  What made it easy or difficult to work together with this person/people?
    The fact that we have worked together for over 6 months and that we already have group chats and chain emails lined up made it very easy to communication and collaborate with everyone. It was slightly difficult because we were told at lunch on Friday giving us no time to discuss it as a group face to face. 
  •  What challenges did we face when working together? How did we overcome them? Why couldn’t we overcome some challenges?
    The fact that we spent a few hours over the weekend trying to figure out the dimensions for the photo but when we arrived on the Monday morning and Sabrina had already come up with the dimensions (in the photo above). We had to adapt to her dimensions because she knows better than us. This was not exactly a challenge but more something that was frustrating. I felt like all my work on the weekend was wasted. 
  •  How important was collaboration to achieving the outcome or my goal?
    It was crucial that were effectively worked together because we needed everyone to complete the job. It was more important that we were able to get all the g12s in the right places so we divided the role up. I think this was an effective strategy and a sign of good collaboration to achieve the goal. Sabrina even told us we were the most organized and this year’s photo is looking the best. That was a great compliment especially to me being the head of the photography team. 
  • What could I do in future to be a more effective team player?
    I think I should be more willing to adapt because it really worked to our benefit in this scenario but usually I am not this adaptive. The fact I was still upset about my work going to waste is something I should change. If I’ve made a compromise I shouldn’t be hung up over it. I think that would make me a better team player overall.

Learning Objective – 5 COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome

Global Concern – Kolkata

As GC’s have only begun recently, we have been very focused on learning more about the issue we are trying to help out and the initial planning for Kahaani, our annual Indian dance showcase which is our global concern’s biggest fundraiser.

So far, we have been working towards figuring out our main story idea for the show and what dances we would put in the showcase. Our biggest issue currently is finding a way to tie our cause, helping the visually impaired in Kolkata, India, into it.

  •  Why is this a significant issue? This is a very important issue because it is something that can be cured with money yet so many children are abandoned because of their disability and/or never get any proper treatment. They never integrate into society and live tough lives.
  •  How have my actions had a positive/negative impact on this issue? By being apart of this GC for 3 years, I have been able to collaborate with different groups of people towards one common goal every year. Kahaani is the fundraiser that brings in the most money for the NGO and it also raises awareness about the issue on a large scale. I try my best to contribute to the best of my abilities. As it is so early in the year it is hard to acknowledge any actions but I do plan to help out actively during Kahaani in all aspects so that it can be a successful show and we will be able to reach our goal of raising funds and awareness for the NGO, Voice of World. 
  •  How has my thinking about this issue changed as a result of my participation in this activity? Am I more open-minded, caring, principled as a result? I believe that after learning about the cause and how people struggle with disabilities, I have become a more open-minded person. I am more open to hearing about other people’s stories and learning about their difficulties. I also think I am more organized because organizing such a big event in the school, time management as well as organization is key. Over my past two years of being involved I believe that I am a lot better at it than I was before and hopefully this can lead me to be an even bigger help in this year’s Kahaani then in previous years. 


Learning Objective-  6 GLOBAL VALUE (Engaging with issues of global importance)

Learning Objective-  5 COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome)

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