SUNDAC – Scavenger Hunt



  • What activities did I plan?
    This week in Sundac, I planned the activity for today. My partner, Anna, and I decided to create a short scavenger hunt for the clients. We first took them to the hawker for a tasty lunch and to get them energised. After that, we brought them back to take part in the scavenger hunt. We split the clients up into groups of 1 client to 2 students to go through the things in the hunt.
  •  What was the outcome of my planning? How do I know?
    It was very successful. We got them interacting with the wider community and it seemed to really make them happy. The interactions between the clients and other members of the public warmed my heart. Due to our effective planning and pro-activeness, it was a huge success and the partners even asked to do another similar scavenger hunt later on in the year. 
  •  How did my plans change as the activity progressed? Why?
    As the activity progressed, we saw some groups begin to form so we easily changed the group ratio and made it 2 clients to 5 students to get through the scavenger hunt at a faster rate. 
  •  What difficulties did I face in executing my plan? How did I overcome these challenges?
    We realised towards the end of the activity, the clients became very tired so on the spot, we came up with the idea to go to the library to color as a way of cooling down. We were able to overcome these challenges by quickly adapting the plan as well as coming up with effective solutions as soon as they were needed. 
  •  How did I respond to changes in plans? Would I respond the same way in future? Why/why not?
    Yes. I would like to have some spontaneity in plans more than sticking 100% to my original plan. Although it is great to have a solid original plan, it is also nice to be able to adapt as the activity progresses depending on the response. 

Learning Objective 3 – INITIATIVE (Planning and initiated activities)

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