Culturama 2018 – LO 2/ LO4

Reflection 1: LO2

This year I decided to take part in Culturama – a dance show that celebrates the diverse cultures at our school. As I have never danced before, the thought of having to audition and dance in front of many people scared me. I feared I wouldn’t be able to pick up the steps or forget the dance in front of all those people. Despite my worries, I knew that this was an experience I always wanted to be involved in and that if I let my fears stop me and not try out, I would definitely regret it later. On the day of the audition, I was really nervous but I didn’t let that stop me and now that it’s over I have gained confidence by stepping out of my comfort zone. This relates to the second learning outcome of CAS as I have pushed myself to try something new and taken part in an experience that I have never done anything like before.


Reflection 2: LO4

Currently, we are in the stage of learning the choreography for all the dances and polishing it for the final performance. This requires a lot of commitment as we had to attend many additional rehearsals outside of school time to ensure that everyone was able to do the dance. This relates to learning outcome 4 as it requires a lot of dedication and initiative as showing up to rehearsals is very important otherwise you will be letting the group down. In the final days before the actual performance, we had to attend rehearsals every day of the week from 3-9pm. This required a lot of perseverance as we had to go full out with lots of energy for each performance and rehearse it many times to get it clean and synchronised. However, although it has been a lot of hard work, the whole process has still been really enjoyable and I have developed a lot of new skills during the process


Reflection 3: LO2

Culturama Jamaica Performance!


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  1. Olivia Dallison says: Reply

    I’m so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new! Brilliant that you some new friends too. What LO does this reflection refer to?

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