Volunteering at AMK MINDS – LO3/LO7/LO6

Reflection 1: LO3

This year I am excited to be part of the local service AMK MINDS where we organise fun activities each week to help improve the livelihood of the patients at the centre. Before visiting the centre, our service group had to plan and organise activities that we wanted to do with the patients in order to ensure that our first visit went smoothly. This relates to the third learning outcome of CAS which is to demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience. During our planning session, the first thing we did was to assign roles to each person such as the chair, logistics manager, media coordinater and other roles. We then brainstormed ideas and finalised on drumming, colouring and soccer. Planning for each service visit requires a lot of collaboration not only with the members in our group but also with the service office. Therefore, we thought that the most efficient and organised way of preparing for each visit was to assign an activity coordinator each week that would come up with an idea and organise all the materials needed for their proposed activity. This helped us stay organised and ensured that each session went smoothly.

Photos from our first session volunteering at AMK MINDS


Reflection 2: LO7


Reflection 3: LO6

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