Gpers Ecocentric

Though advancement in human technology and society is very important, it should not be at the expense of the environment. My views are very close to an ecocentric but I still believe that the advancement of humans should still take place. I believe that if we advance at a rate at which we impact the environment very slightly, we should be able to find ways to repair the environment to prevent the consequences from impacting us. I do not have a technocentric view however. Technocentrics would believe that we should use the environment however we need it. And by the time we use it up, we will find other ways to advance without impacting the environment. The reason I do not believe in this is because i think that by the time we use up the environment, we will not be able to recover. I do not think that we as humans can simply flip a switch and repair all the damage that we have done. I think we need to advance slowly and carefully and be

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