Maths and Me

My name is Vanshaj Nandrajog and I have been at this school for 6 years. My previous mathematics experience has been IGCSEs. Feelings that I assign with Mathematics are excitement and satisfaction from solving a problem and confusion while working on the problem itself. I am feeling very excited about starting this course and starting to expand the number of different problems that I will be able to solve and add ways that I will be able to solve different problems. I love the process of solving problems and especially love the satisfaction that I receive from solving a problem. I like to learn Mathematics by being told the basic framework of the process to solve the problem but then going back and finding the answer myself and being able to figure out the problem by myself. This lets me learn the most and sticks with me as I remember how I figured out the way to solve the type of problem. When I am stuck in Mathematics, I try to forget everything I did in the problem and start from scratch making sure that each step makes sense and gets me to the answer I need. My biggest strength in mathematics is persistent as I cannot leave a problem unless I successfully solve it. Something that I may need to work on is being more organized so as to keep a clear head while solving problems and being able to keep a clear work process to improve my efficiency.

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