Growth Mindset

I have a growth mindset for close to all of my subjects. I strongly believe that I can get better at anything if I work hard enough. There may be barriers that I will need to get past and there may be a few things that may not be in the realm of possibilities, however, I believe that anything that is available to me can be improved greatly with hard work and practice.

Currently, my Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Psychology, and TOK are at a very high level on the scale of a growth mindset. The main reason for this is because of my interest in the subjects. They allow a lot of exploration and covering of many ideas that I may be curious about. I think that I will be able to have a growth mindset as long as I am curious about something in the subject which means that I doubt I will run out of fuel to keep working hard in these areas soon. A subject where I have a slightly more fixed mindset is Spanish which may be because of my poor performance in grade 9 and 10 but I think that I will still be able to improve greatly if I focus and work hard in and out of class. To bring my mindset close to a growth mindset I should try and work on some goals for myself and plan out a long-term timetable.

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