Identity, Personality, GRIT and Emotional Intelligence (Key Takeaways from PSE)

We are currently in the fourth week of PSE. Through the four lessons, we have learned about identity, emotional intelligence and GRIT and how these skills and qualities will help us through not only our journey in IB but also through our lives. We have been taught the many factors that will advance our skills in accomplishing our goals and will allow us to work harder as well as smarter. GRIT is a major part of learning and is a way of learning that needs to be followed and will result in great outcomes. GRIT relates to the idea of resilience. The idea that if you work hard enough, you will accomplish it no matter your level. Of course, GRIT also takes in the idea of possibility. For example, if you are not biologically capable, then there is no amount of trying that will allow you to accomplish your goal then the goal is not accomplishable. We also learnt about emotional intelligence and what it means. The idea of being able to connect with not only others but also your own feelings. Emotional Intelligence shows us the ways that we can understand other’s feelings and how to help and support those who require it. This will help me throughout IB and past it through life as there will always be someone who needs emotional support and thus this skill will be useful throughout life. Along with this, we also learnt about Personality and identity. We learnt about the different personality types and how each type functions along with the fact that all of identity and personality are very complex. Being knowledgeable in the different types of personality and the complexity of identity will allow me to understand and connect to the different personality and identity as well as allow me to find my own identity and personality.

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