Creativity (Band, DJ Club)

In the past month, our band has performed in two different events and one grade assembly. I have been playing with this band for about two years now and we have composed 3 songs in that time. In these 2 years, I started off being very afraid of appearing in front of a large audience of people and as such did not take part in many events. With this band, however, I find myself getting more and more comfortable with larger crowds and performing in general. Our first performance this year was in the 10 year anniversary of the campus. We performed 4 songs that we had been practising for about 2 weeks. The hard work paid off and we had a great performance. We also performed in a weekend event as well as during a grade 11

assembly. We have planned to perform in unplugged and are preparing hard for it. This band has improved my skills greatly. For example, my self-management skills were weak in grade 10 and this band has improved these skills by helping to keep me on track while we work together. We worked hard together and planned out our performances with the people planning it and formed an organized execution of the performance.


Up till now, I have had a few DJ Club sessions. We have been working on Deep House a genre of music that is easy to mix. Since it has only been one season, we are still working on the basics and finding our way around the process to mix music. This really took me out of my comfort zone as I had not done a lot in the range of electronic music. At this stage, however, I have learnt a great deal about the ways to operate a turntable and how to mix music cleanly. From being completely clueless, I have come to a point where I feel with a bit more learning I would be comfortable to perform at an event. We will be having far more lessons in DJ Club and before long, I think that I will be able to perform at events when available.

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