Activity (Rugby U19s)

This season, I continued with rugby and joined the U19 pre-season team. We took part in a tournament and throughout the trainings, we improved our fitness and form to prepare for the tournament as well as the seasonal games and training starting in season 2. We underwent rigorous exercises and my cardio (which is usually terrible) improved greatly throughout the training sessions. Working as a team has taught me a lot and has enabled me to be more patient as well as truly putting my all into whatever I do. We played a game at Dover and placed 3rd. Even though this was one of our first experiences of rugby with this team, we played very well and put our all into the games. I challenged myself and went new lengths and went out of my comfort zone. I showed perseverance and commitment by showing up to early morning trainings every week. I also showed up to optional gym sessions which allowed me to work on my strength and stamina. Moving forward, I would like to work towards making the U19 A team and possibly going to SEASAC. This would be a great accomplishment for me and I would be very proud of myself if I was to achieve this. Unfortunately we learnt recently that SEASAC would be cancelled which I had been looking forward to since I made the team.



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