Rock Band

For rock band this season, our band performed in many events and assessmblies. We have begun works on recording a second piece and are planning on performing during the end of year assembly. We have uploaded 4 songs up to spotify and are working hard on a 5th. In the past month, our band has performed in two different events and one grade assembly. I have been playing with this band for about three years now and we have composed 5 songs in that time. In these 2 years, I started off being very afraid of appearing in front of a large audience of people and as such did not take part in many events. With this band, however, I find myself getting more and more comfortable with larger crowds and performing in general. Our first performance this year was in the 10 year anniversary of the campus. We performed 4 songs that we had been practicing for about 2 weeks. The hard work paid off and we had a great performance. We also got gigs outside of school. We also played at unplugged and are planning on playing in graduation as well.

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