Try 4 Cambodia

This year, Try4Cambodia hosted a huge dodgeball event for Grade 9 on the 19th and 21st of March. It was a big success for the GC as we raised $264.70, along with the previous collections from the Grade 10 dodgeball event we raised a total of $516.20. Unfortunately we couldn’t reach our goal of $500 per grade. The reason we thought this happened was because people either don’t know about how much to bring or don’t have enough money.. We think to improve we can maybe bring the tournaments to a lower age as they are more likely to bring money since their parents are more engaged.  We could also make our message and what are GC is about more meaningful to make people feel empathy or sympathy.

Project Week (Post)

Project week was an amazing experience. The week allowed us to strengthen bonds and keep memories that we probably will never forget. We went diving on our trip as well as worked with Juara Turtle Project. The trip was incredibly fulffilling and was an amazing time that I will never forget. We enjoyed our time diving and came out of the trip with a higher qualification allowing us to pursue this passion in the future.


Extended Essay RC2

After a few months of work on my EE, I finally achieved a point in the research where my method was stable. This was done through a lot of decision making in order to fine-tune the process and ensure that the experiment would move smoothly. The pH values chosen were done so due to the knowledge from research papers. Since the coagulants only change behavior above and below the pH of 6, the pH values of 7 and 5 were chosen in order for enough to talk about as well as a more direct comparison. Concentration was also thought about extensively due to there being a chance that using a concentration that is too high would overdose the coagulation. Stirring by hand was also a sacrifice I had to make in order for my experiment to be completed quickly. A colorimeter was also chosen over the measuring cylinder for lower uncertainty.

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