Try 4 Cambodia

This year, Try4Cambodia hosted a huge dodgeball event for Grade 9 on the 19th and 21st of March. It was a big success for the GC as we raised $264.70, along with the previous collections from the Grade 10 dodgeball event we raised a total of $516.20. Unfortunately we couldn’t reach our goal of $500 per grade. The reason we thought this happened was because people either don’t know about how much to bring or don’t have enough money.. We think to improve we can maybe bring the tournaments to a lower age as they are more likely to bring money since their parents are more engaged.  We could also make our message and what are GC is about more meaningful to make people feel empathy or sympathy.

Project Week (Pre)

Project week planning is going very well. We are far ahead of other groups in terms of planning and have already recieved confirmation from our providers. This gives us lots of confidence that our trip will go very smoothly. Here is our completed document for Project week preperation. Project week preperation has given allowed us to develop lots of communication and collaboration skills as we need to be able to communicate effecticely within our group as well as externally. I am very much looking forward to project week and hope it goes very well.

Service (Circus with Local Community)

Up until now in circus, we have been fine-tuning our skills and working towards performances that we will be able to do with people in the local community. Last year, we worked with a youth’s home which allowed members of the club to create performances and workshops to teach to the children we were working with. This year, we will be finding a new service partner and may do more work with the elderly by performing for them instead of running workshops. Since it has not been very long, we have been focused on developing our skills with the equipment and I personally can say that I have improved greatly. I have been focused on the diabolo a type of “yo-yo”. A video below shows my progress. Though the service only takes place once a week on Fridays, we have been allowed to take home equipment to work on our skills and this greatly helped for more growth and learning in the areas where we needed focus. Though circus may seem difficult to collaborate in, there are many ways to incorporate different performances with more than just one person. At the current moment, I am working with another member of the service to create a performance that we may perform together. The collaboration has also been evident when others may need help while they also develop their skills. For example, I helped teach one of my friends how to jungle during the service. The same occurs if I need help with anything. Since everyone in the service has different skills, it is a huge “depot” of skills. We are also currently planning out our future performances and picturing the process and possible outcomes due to the performance. We are looking at the upsides to performing for the elderly in the HDBs close by as well as teaching some members of the local community which would create a huge positive outcome in the local community.



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