Group 4 – Day 2 Reflection

Today we completed our Breakout Box, and I have to say, it turned out very well. Our box was complex but also understandable and followed a logical process. We also ensured that there was an educational aspect to our box, in which the people playing it would also learn from it. The challenge was then to try and unlock other boxes. This was a challenge as we first had to try and understand what the Sustainable Development Goal was before we could see how it was connected to the unlocking of the box. This process was annoying yet fun at the same time. It kind of showed me how being stuck in your own thinking or being narrow minded can prevent you from perhaps discovering new things. I think being open-minded was the key to unlocking the box, and having the mentality that anything can be a clue to success. It’s almost a metaphor for life really, you can find hidden treasures everywhere.

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