Project Week Reflection (LO3 & LO7)

Project Week, for me, was a very fun, cohesive and interesting experience for me. I tried a lot of different and new activities, some I enjoyed, most I didn’t. But I think what made it cohesive and interesting was that I realised the kind of person I want to become in life. I got to meet people on this trip that there was nothing I could do except admire their positivity and outlook on life. A lot of these people are nowhere near the kind of privilege, that we enjoy everyday and constantly take for granted. Yet the way, they have smiles on their faces; the way they just get on with life and take it day by day was what really touched me. I think these kind of trips, when you get to do service, help you remember that not everyone is like you in the way that they live, however, I think Project Week, just its uniqueness, helps you also remember that life is what you make it. Sometimes people think they have to make a difference in these big environments, or where it can be recognised officially. But the man that let us help him build the dining hall, proved to me that making a difference is simply trying to make the life of those around you, better. Service doesn’t have to be explicit; you can say hi to your quiet classmate everyday, or you can tell your teacher everyday, “I appreciate you”. All of this can help to make the lives of those around you better. I think this has given me more direction on what and how I will want to live my life in the years to come.

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