U19A Football [Grade 12]

This football season was incredible. We didn’t win anything; we finished fourth in both ACSIS and SEASAC. I didn’t make SEASAC, which was my goal for this season, either. But what made this season memorable was what we accomplished on an interpersonal level. The love, respect and chemistry we all had with each other helped us make memories every single game. I also managed to achieve some minor goals as well: I scored my first goal this season, and the next game I scored my second – obviously, I screamed. I also wore the captain’s armband for a game, which was another special moment for myself. Lastly, for Friday Night Lights, I rapped to introduce the team:


Friday Night Lights, the time is here

The Dragon’s den, may they be filled with fear

When they step on the pitch and meet Rich

Or see Kev, or get hit by Aansh with the last-ditch tackles

Get gassed, the King is Jasp

Love O’s, Varun run the show

Dima is the captain and you never really know

With Cesc at right-back but his gadgets go go in the presence of greatness

Ian and Jake so dangerous

Batra is the wall can’t get past it, Banta L2 with the right stick

So it’s Keiron and Quinn for the win

Josh is the heart, I’m the cog in the machine

Hopkins, Mr Top Binz, it’s Ash

Dinsdale, wind our sails, it’s Gav

East go hard, don’t step in our yard

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