Culturama 2019 – USA

This year I decided to do Culturama again, and I was torn between auditioning for USA and Trinidad & Tobago. I decided on auditioning for USA because I felt it would push me out of my comfort zone, with this year’s dance heavily based on broadway and swing. I don’t really have a dance background – my cousin taught me at home, so apart from hip-hop dance, I’m not exactly the most elegant. However, I decided to put myself in an uncomfortable situation as I felt it would challenge my mindset and interpersonal skills.


I was then given the chance to show my hip-hop talents as well which I felt was almost a reward for trying so hard with broadway. I was asked to write a rap regarding US culture over the Where They From (WTF) – Missy Elliot beat. It was a bit difficult at first because I’m not American and I didn’t want it to be too stereotypical but rather to try and encapsulate the diversity and influence of American culture on the world today.


I touched down in the United States

See New York, my Empire State

I had a dream, that my entire race

Would be soon equal, no time to waste

Land of the free

Home of the braves

9/11 still couldn’t kill our faith

Cause East to the west, there’s no better place

Rep New York city gotta Harlem shake

Cause it’s the place where you can be what you wanna be

The dawn’s early light, oh say can you see

American idol or the American dream

The whole world cold when America sneeze

Jookin, jerkin, never cause beef

Charleston step, better step to the beat

Show California love, cause the beach where it at

Teach me how to dougie, then I teach em how to dab

Tasha, Quinn, show em how we do things

Broadway all day, the jive, the swing, I’m king