To what extent did I meet the needs of TIF?

After teaching a lesson plan about songkets to the kids in Bintan, it gave TIF some new ideas and thoughts for future lessons.

This is the feedback they gave us after our simulated lesson (click the link)

This is the criteria for our project

After looking at the criteria and feedback, I believe our reviewed lesson was done quite well. We used audio (having conversations with the kids), visual (making the posters and putting pictures around the room) and kinesthetic activities (Simon says) which helped them develop all three 21st century skills while also making it engaging and interesting for the kids to learn. We also reviewed the language chunks after the feedback and made them easier so the kids could understand, which is something TIF can use in the future. Although there were some things we could’ve done better. For example, trying to have a bigger connection to their culture by mentioning the word songket more often throughout the lesson. This would help the kids at least remember one important word in their culture. Also, we didn’t use that many classroom  management skills and when we did, the kids didn’t seem to listen or understand what we were saying because of language barriers. So if we were to do this again, we would try to remember just a few easy phrases in Bahasa like “clap if you can hear me”, “listen please”, “thank you”, etc. to break the ice a little faster and to even develop a stronger connection.

When discussing our lesson plan the next day, TIF said they especially liked the memory game and Simon says we played with the kids.  For Simon says, we pasted some labeled pictures everywhere around the room. Then we said things like, “Simon says point to the _________” or “Simon says touch the _______”. This was to get them familiar with the key terms while also making them have fun and be more engaged in the class. This game can be easily adapted into any of the other lessons they have by switching the terms. The memory game was also something the kids loved, where they match the key term to the picture. This can be easily adapted to other lessons as well. Furthermore, they plan to teach about Songkets in their “Living in Bintan” unit and take parts of our plan for it.

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