Stop Motion Video

For Digital Perspectives, we were asked to partner up and make a stop motion video based on vignettes we created for English class. With my partner, we used her vignette about a jacket. The slideshow below contains our partnership agreement, the vignette we used, some notes and tips, our storyboard for the video, and the rationale.

After completing the slides, it was time to take the photos. Then I edited them to make the Stop Motion Final Video – The Jacket.








I then did a reflection – partner agreement.

Looking back at the rationale (which are on the slides), I realized I hadn’t followed it much, yet I think my new approach conveyed the emotions a lot better. Before editing, I wanted to use dialogue, but then I started to experiment. I realized without dialogue, I had to heavily depend on everything else, which made me improve the sound effects, music, and shots. This really forces the audience to pay attention to the video, making it more engaging. It also means the audience can interpret the story however they see it and make it more relatable to their lives. Furthermore, the story seemed flat as the tone was mostly sad throughout the story, so at the end, I made it a hopeful and happy tone by having the girl meet a boy. However, I still had the ending as a bit of a cliffhanger so the audience would still think about it after, leaving a lasting impact. Changing the ending also made the mood less serious as I thought it would fit better with the childish-looking visuals.

Although I am proud of the video, something I definitely want to improve on is taking more shots and drawing more actions to make the movements more realistic (eg. the walking).

Overall, I enjoyed making the video as it taught me how to use all types of tools to make a story engaging and powerful.



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