Buddy Podcast – Reflection

After finishing the podcast (the steps when making the podcast on this post), I reflected on the process one last time to gather my thoughts and the skills I can take with me to help in the future.

To reflect on the podcast, I first looked at the article, The Science of Developing Mental Toughness in Your Health, Work, and Life. Some quotes I thought related to my experience in the podcast project were:

  1. “Develop a routine that gets you going regardless of how motivated you feel.” To try and stay on track, I made reminders and a routine on what had to be done.
  2. “When you slip up, get back on track as quickly as possible.” Although I tried to stay on schedule, there were times I used my phone for a bit. But whenever this happened, I just became even more determined to finish the challenge.
  3. “Focus on small behaviors, not life-changing transformations.” This challenge made a small behavioral change, however, it’s now used as a stepping stool to even more changes, which in the end, can make life-changing transformations.

I now realize that grit is the most important thing when facing a challenge. I should have a schedule to keep motivated and focus on little things to improve, which will encourage me to study for the final exams coming soon.


I then relistened to the buddy agreement. Something I realized we could’ve done better was thinking of how we would try to speak up more. For example, having to share 3 ideas per conversation. It would’ve made the process run much smoother and faster. Also, after working with different partners for dper projects, it has made me realize that working together to find common ground is the most important thing. This is because each time I had a disagreement with my partner, we didn’t listen to each other as much as we should’ve and instead just ended up with something we both didn’t like.

To further my thinking, I looked at this picture below on what things I did best, and what I could’ve improved on.

I think I was best at cutting out distractions as I always tried to finish my work on time when creating this podcast, and I turned everything in on time. However, something I could’ve improved on was picking up on my partner’s emotional state. This is because, as mentioned before, working together to find common ground is the most important thing in a partnership, and since I wasn’t that good at telling what my partner wanted, it sometimes created arguments or something we both didn’t want. If I had listened better, the project would’ve ran much smoother and we would’ve created a project we were more proud of.

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