Art and Craft with PCF 858 Kindergarten – a session with the kids (Lo2)

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

For today’s service, our plan was for each group member to bring a few toilet rolls for a craft activity where the kids would use this recycled material to create an animal.  However, not everyone brought them and so we were forced to quickly come up with another plan. Luckily, a member brought a few pebbles for a future session and so we ended up creating another activity using this material we had.  In the end,  the kids seemed to enjoy the activity and it still related to the theme of using recycled materials. So although we encountered a problem in the beginning, we learned to quickly consider and implement new solutions.

Besides resolving this issue, this was also the session where I began to interact with the kids on a more personal level. Although I am not always the best with children, I decided this session to talk to them a bit more. And after asking just a few simple questions about themselves, I was surprised to see how quickly they began to warm up to me to the point that they started to ask me some questions as well.

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