Art and Craft with PCF 858 Kindergarten – Global Significance (Lo6)

LO6-Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

My initial reason for joining the service was that I thought it would be a fun activity. However, after learning the kindergartens(PCF SparkleTot’s) mission and spending some time with the kids, I have also realized the larger reason for joining this service. 

PCF 858 Kindergarten is part of the PAP Community Foundation, a charitable organization that focuses on aiding those in the lower-income bracket in Singapore through welfare and educational assistance. The kindergartens provide a place where parents can leave their kids supervised while they are busy working, but it’s also an opportunity for the kids to learn through fun activities. Therefore, being part of this service has made me more aware of not only the income inequality we face in Singapore and around the world, but my financial privilege as well. Since I am constantly surrounded by those who share a very similar lifestyle, I often forget how privileged I am to have access to good quality education, a home to go back to, and several more. 

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